Enabling the Holistic Success of Every Learner

SchoolJoy aligns the data you need to ensure the holistic wellness of every learner without having to track multiple data platforms and spreadsheets.

Whether your institution is prioritizing graduation rates, 4-year college acceptance rates, or alternative/vocational post-secondary pathways, the data needed to support a student's journey toward post-secondary success extends far beyond grades and attendance. What activities are the students involved in? What skills are they developing toward industry licenses? What percentage of students, by subgroups, are on track? We can only improve what we measure, and the ability to measure heavily hinges on the active participation and engagement of students, families, and community partners. SchoolJoy streamlines the collaboration among students, families, faculty, and counselors to support the post-secondary and holistic success of every learner.

Student Profile

SchoolJoy offers the most comprehensive student profile that enables seamless management and tracking of the following:

  • Clubs & activities
  • Volunteering & community service
  • Work experience & internships
  • Verified skills and skill hours
  • RIASEC & learning styles
  • College list & application status
  • Career aspirations & interests
  • Surveys
  • Goals & badges
  • Graduation pathways

Explore Sample Student Profile (public version)

Groups & Rostering

SchoolJoy offers one of the most versatile and robust sign-up systems for K-12 institutions. Our school partners are using us to track club, enrichment, OST, and summer programs. We firmly believe that the ability to accurately track students' activities outside of the classroom must start with a student-friendly registration system that is integrated with your current systems and SSO.

System of Verification

Most systems in the industry function as a system of record - a repository of records. SchoolJoy understands that students are not always great at keeping track of paper forms and documents, so giving students and schools a way to digitally verify their achievements is critical to building a student profile that counselors and external stakeholders can trust. Every activity that is logged within SchoolJoy can be submitted for verification by either a faculty inside the building or a mentor or manager outside of the school.

Unlimited Potential

The aggregation of data is only useful if the individuals that are in the position to support the students can quickly glean insights and generate content based on that data. With safety and security set as the highest of priority, SchoolJoy brings the power of AI to help counselors, parents, and faculty quickly find the information and inspiration they need to provide timely and tailored support to every learner.

Demo of SchoolJoy's "AI Chat" feature.