Overview of SchoolJoy Workspace

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One of the most common questions we get from school partners is: how do I use the workspace? Let's walk through some sample prompts to bring a bit more clarity to the myriad of use cases:

What is the overall sentiment among our faculty based on the staff surveys?

How are the community engagement initiatives going for our mill levy overrides?

Recommend professional development areas based on staff evaluations and surveys.

Compare the recent meeting notes to our strategic plan. Which goals are being addressed?

Show me how 'spatial reasoning' is developed across different grades in our Math curriculum.


It takes 2 simple steps to start using your workspace.

  • Step 1: Upload Documents
  • Step 2: Enter Prompt

Once the files are uploaded (we currently only support PDFs and Word documents), we will send you an email notification when the workspace is ready. It generally takes about 2-3 minutes per document to set up the workspace.

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