If your school uses Google, please follow the instructions here to grant SchoolJoy third-party app access to Google services in order to enable Google SSO.

Manage third-party app access to Google services & add apps

You can manage access to certain apps by blocking those apps or marking them as Trusted or Limited. A trusted app has access to all Google Workspace services (OAuth scopes), including restricted services. You can allowlist apps configured using OAuth client IDs to maintain Application Programming Interface (API) access to Google Workspace services even when those services have Context-Aware Access policies that apply to API access. A limited app can only access unrestricted services. You can change an app’s data access setting from the apps list or from the app information page.

  1. In App access control, click Manage Third-Party App Access.
  2. For Configured apps, click Add app.
  3. Choose OAuth App Name or Client ID (select this option to later allowlist the app from API exemption), Android, or IOS.
  4. Enter the app's name or client ID, then click Search.
  5. Point to the app and click Select.
  6. Check the boxes for the client IDs that you want to configure, then click Select.
  7. Select who to configure access for:
    1. By default, the top organizational unit is selected. Leave this selected to set access for all users in your organization.
    2. To configure access for specific organizational units, click Select org units, then click + to view your organizational units. Check the desired organizational units, then click Select.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Choose an option:
    • Trusted—Can access all Google services (both restricted and unrestricted).
      (Optional) To have the selected apps maintain API access to Google Workspace services even when those services have Context-Aware Access policies that apply to API access, select Allowlist for exemption from API access blocks in context-aware access. This option is only selectable for web, Android, or iOS apps added using OAuth client IDs. Selecting this option will not automatically exempt the app from API access blocks. You also need to exempt the app during Context-Aware Access level assignments. This allowlist applies only for the organizational units you specify in step 7.
    • Limited—Can only access unrestricted Google services.
    • Blocked—Can't access any Google service.
      If you add an app for devices to an allowlist and also block that same app using API controls, the app is blocked. Blocking the app using API controls overrides the placement on the allowlist..
  10. Review settings for the new app, then click Finish.

SchoolJoy Client ID: http://473872438859-r95ehgvlcgfn8krgdfqmhb2ddbghv4mq.apps.googleusercontent.com/

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