Student Profile

Empower students to showcase their skills, achievements and experiences, in any format, with counselors, parents, and colleges.

Improve learner outcomes with SchoolJoy's club and event management solutions.

Auto-generate Resume

Students can automatically generate a resume based on the information provided in their portfolio, including clubs, community service, and work experience.

Feedback and Verification

Allow teachers, administrators, and ouside parties to provide feedback and verify student achievements, ensuring the accuracy and credibility of student's portfolio.

Include Media Types

Allow students to include various media types such as images, videos, and documents, in their portfolio.

Share with Colleges and Employers

Students can quickly include the external link to their portfolio in their college and job applications, providing institutions with a detailed overview of their skills, achievements and experiences.

Share with Staff and Parents

Allow students to share their portfolio with teachers, counselors, and parents, which can help to provide them with a better understanding of the student's learning and progress and assist with letters of recommendations.

Achieve better outcomes

Parent & Community Engagement

SchoolJoy helps schools promote collaboration and communication within the school community, increase transparency and accountability, and foster community engagement and ownership.

Staff Engagement & Retention

Enable real-time feedback from staff and teachers with real-time and immediate analytics so schools can make data-driven decisions to improve staff engagement and retention.

Learner Engagement & Outcome

With SchoolJoy, schools can create an environment that encourages creativity and innovation, leading to more engaged and motivated students, and improved student outcomes.

Operational Efficiency

Say goodbye to restrictive survey questions, low response rates, and tedious data analytics. SchoolJoy helps schools streamline feedback collection, automate analytics and recommendations, and improve communication and collaboration across teams.

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