Standards and Evidence-based Algebra 1 Readiness and Enrichment Program

Bring the excitement of Spikeball® to your math classroom and engage students of all levels. Spikeball is suitable for all students!

An exciting way to teach standards-based curriculum that delivers results in student outcome

Proportional Relationships

Non-Proportional Relationships

Linear Equations

Scatterplots and Trends


Equations and Inequalities

Pythagorean Theorem

Surface Area



Dilations, Similarity, and Proportionality

Angle Relationships in Parallel Lines and Triangles

Achieve better outcomes

Evidence-based Curriculum

The Algebra 1 program is evidence-based and has been proven to improve student performance. In our pilot program, students saw a 16% increase in their state test scores.

Standards-aligned Curriculum

The program aligns with the Common Core and TEKS standards, making it suitable for both Algebra 1 enrichment and readiness for students in grades 6-9.

Comprehensive Teacher Resources

Each course in the program includes a comprehensive teacher companion and presentation slides for easy implementation. Teachers also have the flexibility to customize lessons to fit their specific needs.

Scaffolded to Make Spikeball® Accessible

Engage and excite your students with our Spikeball program, which can be taught both indoors and outdoors, providing a dynamic and flexible learning experience.

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