Personalized learning AT SCALE

Creating a more personal world for every learner

SchoolJoy is a comprehensive personalized learning platform that integrates learner data with powerful AI-powered tools and coaches to improve student engagement and teachers' quality of life.


Verified Skills Transcript, Portrait of a Graduate, and Career Assessment.

Personalization starts with knowing our students. SchoolJoy offers a comprehensive platform that helps districts operationalize Portrait of a Graduate, Skills Verification, and Career Assessments.

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AI can help us achieve the highest aspiration of what education can be, but we must proceed with care.

SchoolJoy approaches AI integration and adoption with reliability, safety, equity, and inclusion as highest priority.

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AI-powered Coaches Personalized for Every Learner. Available 24/7.

SchoolJoy coaches represent a wide spectrum of occupations and companies. Our AI is also integrated with the learners' strengths, interests, and activities, enabling coaches to provide personalized and relevant support.

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Powerful Applications for Teachers

Teachers can seamlessly create differentiated learning resources, assessments, and rubrics. In 1:1 and small group settings, teachers can also personalize the generated content to every learner.

Bloom's Taxonomy

Create lessons, assessments, and rubrics based on every level of Bloom's Taxonomy.

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Depth of Knowledge

Seamlessly create lessons and evaluation criteria based on any DOK level.

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Portrait of a Graduate

Create lessons and activities that integrate durable skills and align to state standards.

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Reading Level

Scaffold concepts and reading levels for every generated resource.

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Standard Progressions

Instantly create progressions, units, and lesson plans for any given standard.

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SchoolJoy supports up to 82 written and spoken languages.

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40+ AI Apps For Teachers

SchoolJoy's AI apps are are fully integrated with the students' strengths, interests, and activities, giving teachers the ability to create truly personalized and differentiated content for every learner. Teachers can also create their own apps by simply typing what they need.

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