Embracing the joy of celebrating the whole student.

A comprehensive generative and competency-based learning system that empowers and sustains learner agency.


Empowering learners to feel seen.

SchoolJoy enriches your school culture to support the holistic development of every learner.

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Gift your learners with confidence in their skills and capabilities.

Automate and operationalize competency management and Portrait of a Learner.

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responsible and secure ai for schools

Learners first.
Pedagogy second.
technology third.

That is strictly our order of priority. Your teachers can spend less time in front of the screens and more time with the students.

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AI can help us achieve the highest aspiration of what education can be, but we must proceed with care.

SchoolJoy approaches AI integration and adoption with reliability, safety, equity, and inclusion as highest priority.

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Supporting Over 70,000 Learners and 5,000 Educators

Comprehensive Profile

Centralize learner strengths, interests, values, skills, and career exploration activities.

Career Exploration

Explore careers, companies, and jobs based on RIASEC.

Pedagogy-aligned AI

Teacher efficiency tools aligned with standards and pedagogy.

Skill Recommendations

Automated skill recommendations based on teacher and student inputs.

Automated Badges

Automatically assign badges based on students' achievements.

Embedded Skill Verification

Enable internal and external verifications of skills and profile.


40+ AI Apps For Teachers

SchoolJoy's AI apps are are fully integrated with the students' strengths, interests, and activities, giving teachers the ability to create truly personalized and differentiated content for every learner. Teachers can also create their own apps by simply typing what they need.

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