Students are constantly making choices that reflect their engagement levels and interests

ExperienceJoy captures students' level of engagement through the most comprehensive management system for support school programs and activities beyond the master schedule.

Engage our students

Understand your students beyond assessments and surveys.

Every decision and action from a student is key. Capture their passions and interests not through surveys, but through their actions.

Program Management

One-stop-shop to manage all activities, including clubs, events, and programs.

Rostering & Attendance

Student-driven enrollment with flexible permission model for attendance.


Quickly view students' enrollment and check-in status.

Block Scheduling

The most versatile scheduling system for your block schedules.

Skills Tagging

Empower students and adults to tag activities with skills.

QR Code Check-in

Allow students to easily check into events and activities with QR code.

Ensuring equitable resource allocation for Akron Public Schools.

APS uses SchoolJoy to manage all after school (OST) and summer programs. With SchoolJoy's reporting and data analysis services, APS is able to monitor distribution of resources across student sub-groups on a daily basis.

Engagement leads to improved outcomes, but we can only improve what we track.

What percent of your learners participate in clubs? How often do they attend events? What skills are they developing outside of the classroom? SchoolJoy empowers districts to provide students with self-reported and community-reported tools that are far more timely than periodic surveys.

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